Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 308

A warm and sunny welcome to all :) 
It's desk-hop day yay! -where we share a fascinating glimpse into our creative workspaces.  Jump over to Julia Dunnit's blog for enlightenment of this inspiring activity... or, click on my WOYWW badge on the right->

Here's my desk...I've been getting messy experimenting with Inkadink's spray inks...
I tried a technique Inkadinks suggested; I took a piece of glossy card (I used glossy printer photo card, 180gsm) stamped an owl image in clear embossing ink and sprinkled with plenty of clear embossing powder.  I shook off the excess powder (-gets everywhere by the way!  Hence, the handy purple tidy tray in the top right corner) and heated the image from underneath the card using a 'heat it up' tool. (There's a real purple theme on my desk I've just noticed!) Then, I had a rare moment of being sensible and followed their advice to spray the inks in a cardboard box to avoid staining the surrounding area!  Needless to say I ignored the advice to don an apron..!  I taped down the card in the box and sprayed some Beany Green, Cranberry Sorbet and Grape Juice inks.  I was delighted when I rubbed over the inks with some kitchen towel and out popped the owl!  -I don't get out much, really..!

Also on my desk you may have spotted my first ATC (Artist Trading Card) design attempt for the ATC swap taking place on WOYWW 312.
I played with the inks on thicker photo card, 240gsm and discovered a different background effect (The purple rectangle mat):

I'll add a tutorial on how I made my first ATC in my next post :) as my energy's waning now...

Thank you very much indeed for visiting me today and special thanks for any messages left :)  Time to start my journey of inspiration and to get round as many desks as I can between now and next week!

Wishing everyone a Happy WOYWW, enjoy!

Sending smiles and waves from Eastbourne! :)

Angela x
Angel Greetings


  1. I've been playing with my new goodies but never thought to spray in a box! Thank you for sharing that - I have just wiped everything down after using the sprays.
    Love the colours you have used for your cards.
    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #22

  2. That's a great owl ATC - and I confess I do a happy dance when a technique works, probably we both need to get out more. I have a spray box for my sprays (not that I use them much, they are all clogged) and an icecream tub for my clear EP - most things can just be held over and sprinkled (spoon) and EP goes straight back into box!! Thanks for stopping by earlier, Cindyx

  3. What a fabulous purple pair! Love both creations.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Catiecuddles x

  4. ooh i love both the owl and the angel! Lea - number 32

  5. Love the ATCs and all the gorgeous spray effects.Thanks for the visit and hope you have a happy woyww, Angela x 21

  6. That spray ink technique does sound like a lot of fun. The color combination you chose for the owl is awesome too. Blessings, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

  7. Great technique! Love the owl on that fabulous background!
    Thanks for visiting earlier too.

  8. I love spray inks, just don't use them enough..due to the mess that i manage to make! Yours came out great! Yay You for starting those ATC;s! And thanks for stopping by earlier.

  9. Oh that technique looks great! (I need to get out more too...) I need to get some inks I suppose. I don't have any. I'm in Britain at the moment and we're planning a visit to The Range.... mmm stash!
    Thanks for visiting,
    Have a good week,