Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Back at last! - with my top 10 makes of 2013

Greetings to you all :)

It has been a while since my last post, but I've kept up with the crafting-there's no stopping me!  I have chosen some of my favourite projects from 2013 to share with you :)

'I'm late! I'm late!'-I created this card for my wife's 40th Birthday, inspired by
her favourite book, she loved it so much, it's still up on the mantlepiece!

I enjoyed making this Christening card for twin boys:

I made this card for a friend's parents' 
60th Wedding Anniversary:

This was a new challenge, altering a plain book - a birthday present for a keen gardener:

'Have A Hoot!' -I made this card for a friend's 50th Birthday, I've developed a love for owls! 

My first attempt with the vintage look for this thank you card:

'Twit twoo' -I made this card for a friend's daughter's 
1st Birthday:
Last year I discovered Steampunk, this was my first make in this style: 

The following project started out as a plain papier mache frame that I covered in several layers of torn pieces of paper, card and craft tape.  I made this for my brother to illustrate his trip to Vietnam and Cambodia:

Here is the reverse side of the frame:

Another discovery I made last year is decoupatch, I'm addicted now!  I layered these 20cm tall papier mache letters by glueing on a mixture of torn decoupatch papers and painted over with a layer of PVA glue for a gloss finish.  I gave it to my older brother for a Christmas present:

Here's to another year of creative crafting!!

Belated New Year wishes :) Angel xx