Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Good crafternoon! :)
This week I have been experimenting with my first 'step' card having been taught how to achieve the perfect creases by Lisa at  Aah the wonders of a Hougie Board!  (I don't actually own one yet so you'll have to head to to see what I'm talking about!)

Here's a snapshot of What's On my Workdesk this Wednesday:

And here's the card- a technical challenge!:

Having cut my card to size and scored my step creases, I stuck torn mulberry papers to the background. 

Next, I played with some Copper Knitted Wire and made the leaves, stems, butterflies and roses.  CKW is very versatile, you can bend it, stretch it, twist it, pull out the sides...  The main flower stem is made from placing a lollipop stick inside the CKW, as it comes in the form of a flat tube, then I folded in the sides and twisted the edges.  For the butterflies I folded in the ends and then rotated the edges to create wings.  For the roses I carefully rolled up a length and glued the end under the back to stop it unravelling-fiddly stuff, required patience!  I pulled out the outer layers to create the rose effect.

The pink flowers are made from putting felt through my Grand Calibur die cut machine.  Such joy discovering it cuts through felt!!  Brads form the centres.  The smaller flowers are the same felt with 3 folded Candi discs stuck to the centre using dimensional glue.  The centre-piece flower is achieved from bending and glueing about 100 Candi discs to a circular piece of card creating the petal effect.

Originally, I designed this card to enter That Craft Places recent Challenge: 'Not a square or a rectangle' but missed the deadline due to pesky migraines and naughty aches and pains getting in the way.  But I completed it at last yay! and am very pleased with the results.  Not sure who I'm going to give it to yet :)

Now , what's my next project going to be I wonder...!

Thank u for visiting and for your comments and inspiration, have a Happy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday crafters, sending out creative vibes :))) Angela aka Angel Greetings! xx


  1. Beautifully colourful


    1. oooh, love me a little workspace with scissors, cutters, pliers and stuff ....


  2. sorry you missed the deadline for the card. it turned out very nice and it will give some-lucky-person a smile.

    your art desk does look like you have been super busy being creative for sure

    - KAT - #15

  3. Beautiful card! Love love the use of mulberry paper and that copper knitted wire is really cool!
    Happy WOYWW

  4. A gorgeous card, I especially love the colours that you have used and those flowers are beautiful :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #12

  5. Gorgeous step card - I have a hougie board and love it - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

  6. fabulous card,hope the head is better
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww
    kay #38

  7. You are right you do need a hougie, would be lost without mine. Hugs, Amanda #123

  8. Great colors, mulberry papers are so much fun!


  9. Great card! Love the big flower, and the colors are so happy! Making my way around WOYWW #130

  10. Ooh no, you can't give it away for a while now, not after all that work! it takes me a while to get 'over' my favourite makes! However diddly, those flowers are great!

  11. Lovely card, you have done well, sorry you missed the deadline (but when migranes start nothing gets in their way) I suffer from them too. Lots of fiddling you have done but the end result is great, keep it up.

    Eliza #19

  12. Fabulous card Love the use of the mulberry papers and so many textures on your card its Fantastic... I do hope your head is feeling a little better... Keep creating your makes are fab!! Hugs May x x